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mbsync v1.3.2 breaking change: SubFolders config required

As part of my ongoing quest to Emacs-all-the-things, I’m a long-time satisfied user of the mu email client. I even wrote the latest CI infrastructure setup for the project as a way to give back to Dirk-Jan and the rest of the awesome mu team.


ACMC2020: tools for organising a virtual conference

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog for the last few weeks[^weeks] because I’ve been organising ACMC2020: the 2020 Australasian Computer Music Conference. From the conference landing page:


LENS 2020 final gig stream tomorrow at 8pm

LENS S1 2020 final gig poster


Two-way OSC communication between Extempore and Pd

Because Extempore and Pd are both multimedia programming environments, they both speak OSC straight out of the box. If you need to send messages (numbers, strings, other data) from one program to the other over the local network[^lan] then OSC is a pretty good way to do it.


A call-up to fight covid19

As with many folks at the moment (both in Canberra and around the world) I’ve been called up into a covid19 taskforce (an initiative of the ANU’s Software Innovation Institute, in partnership with the RSCS & other parts of the ANU). I’m the technical lead on the part of the project which is trying to wrap up epidemiological simulation models into usable & robust tools for seeing & understanding what the results of said models mean for the Canberra health system. How can we predict what will happen, and how can we manage our finite resources to deliver the best care possible—these are the questions we need to answer as the world settles in for (perhaps) a long period of on-and-off distancing & isolation. I’ll be able to share more details in the future, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing then come back to check for updates on this blog (I’ll use the covid19 tag).


LENS Online - the Laptop Ensemble in a time of covid19

Well, as with all ANU courses, we’re taking the Laptop Ensemble (COMP2710/MUSI2205) course online.


Reimagine Fellowship UK trip report

I was lucky enough to be able to spend most of February in the UK on a research visit as part of my Reimagine Fellowship—designing & delivering a “creative” coding extension course for ACT students in year 11 & 12.


Command/Control: giving OS aware keybinding hints

As someone who writes a lot of web-based documentation for using computers, it’s often useful to give people hints about keybindings which could make their lives easier. However, this is tricky when it comes to the control key/command key keybinding convention on macOS vs Windows/Linux.


ACMC ‘20 submissions now open

Good news everyone; we’re hosting the annual Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC) at the ANU this year from July 8–11. ACMC is a festival of gigs, talks, installations and hands-on tutorials designed to inspire, challenge, and showcase the computer music community. There’s lots more information on the conference website.


Upcoming gig: smoke, Jan 30

ad for Smoke gig - see FB event for details


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