I’m often invited to give talks & presentations. Because knowledge is better when it’s shared, I’ve made all my slides freely available here—just click on any of the titles below. However, often my slides don’t make sense in isolation (if had everything I said written on my slides and just read it out my talks would be really boring).

I am available as a guest speaker (and livecoding performer) for both scholarly and corportate-y events. If you’re interested then drop me a line and we can discuss making it happen.

What can livecoding teach us about cyber-physical systems?

Cyber-physical systems sure are important. But what counts as a CPS? And what can they teach us about the things that are important as we design and examine CPSs in all areas of life? An interactive lecture/presentation/workshop given to the 3a Institute masters program.

Musical instructions

Computers are really good at following instructions; they never get bored, and they never make mistakes. The tricky part is finding the right sequence of instructions (the right pattern) so that the work that the computer does is useful. How does this even work with music? An interactive presentation/workshop given at the Lake Tuggeranong College STEM camp.

Pop-production as problem-solving

Sure, computers are useful for solving problems, but what about when creativity is required? How do we solve problems like producing a pop song using code? A talk for the National Youth Science Forum 2019

The ANU Laptop Ensemble

Where do new media creators fit in the modern university? A talk for code 2k18: A Media Conference of Platforms, Devices and Screens

The World Since Google

A short, incomplete, mostly wrong history of the internet since 1996. A talk for the Canberra chapter of the University of the Third Age (U3A).

The role of myth in AI

Recent developments in AI (i.e. deep learning) have produced some amazing images, and the discourse surrounding these images has been even more fascinating. A guest lecture for ARTH2165: Theories of the Image

Drawing like a 5-year-old

Who drew pictures as a 5yo? Everone! This one-hour interactive talk/workshop provides an introduction to code art in the web browser using the p5.js library. This talk was originally presented at Telopea High School.

The creative potential of random

There’s so much to randomness than just “crazy, unpredictable dice rolls”. Understanding the different types of randomness allows us to shape this randomness for our own creative ends. A talk given as a guest lecture to COMP1720: Art & Interaction in New Media in 2017.

Live coding: bringing scientific computing to life

An invited presentation at Yunnan University, China, on the use of live programming techniques in scientific computing.

PIC Live: Real-time interactive programming in scientific simulation

My talk at the Supercomputing Frontiers conference in Singapore about Extempore in HPC.