rclone: exclude all git repos

For a long time I’ve used rclone for remote backups and it’s awesome. I have a script which syncs all the files I care about on my laptop to cloudstor (which, being on the Australian university network has the benefit that I get 1Gbps upload when I’m on the ANU network). My institution (the ANU)

However, it turns out that cloudstor is shutting down at the end of this year, so I need to find a new home for my backups. I’ve been told that the “replacement” is to use my institutional OneDrive account.

My feelings about closing down useful (local) infrastructure and centralising things on one of the big cloud providers notwithstanding, this should be an easy change—rclone supports OneDrive, so it’s a simple config change to move over.

However, I figured I’d take the opportunity to fix something which had long bothered me. I have a lot of stuff in git repos which don’t need to be backed up with rclone, and they just slow down the backup process. I wanted to get rclone to ignore all git repos, and although it has an include/exclude filtering system it’s not easy to get it to filter all git repos (trust me, I checked).

Now that it’s summertime I had a chance to make it work, and since that forum thread is now locked I’m posting it here to save you some time, dear reader, if you ever want to do this for yourself. Feel free to use/modify it (MIT Licence) if it’s helpful.



## find all git repo enclosing folders (including trailing slash), munge them
## into the form that rclone expects for its "exclude from" file
cd $CLONE_ROOT_DIR && find . -type d -name .git -exec  dirname {} \; | sed -e 's/$/\//' -e 's/^.//' > $EXCLUDE_FROM_FILE

## add a few extra excludes
echo ".DS_Store" >> $EXCLUDE_FROM_FILE

## sync to remote
rclone sync --progress --exclude-from=$EXCLUDE_FROM_FILE $CLONE_ROOT_DIR $REMOTE:mitch-rclone/$CLONE_ROOT_DIR
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