The nature of livecoding is that it is performed (improvised) in-the-moment; the gig (performance) is the output (that’s why it’s called livecoding), and any artefact (e.g. a video recording) is useful documentation, but only a trace of the work itself.

Still, documentation is an important part of one’s artistic practice, so here’s a bunch of photos and videos from my gigs. Some of them are nice & slick-looking, some of them are super-grungy videos shot on smartphones in the crowd. Although I’m working hard to track down any old videos, some of these gigs are lost to time. I like to assume that they were the best ones 😉

ICLC'20 Algorave


Colour Coded

Kieran Browne (live GLSL shader hacking), Charles Martin (live Pd & electronics) I (livecoding in Extempore) were invited to perform at Colour Coded as part of the Ildiko Kovacs: The DNA of colour exhibition.

CECS Welcome Party 2019

Ben & Kieran livecoding at the CECS Welcome Party

Shirty Science Season 3 launch party

Shirty Science is an ongoing arts/science collaboration; scientists get paired up with artists to make a sweet t-shirt explaining/showing off their research.

National Science Week '18 ACT Launch Event

Soundscapes Concert Series #21

National Invention Convention '18 Closing Ceremony

Ben livecoding at QIC 1

National Science Week '17 ACT Launch Event

National Science Week is such a great event, with so many activities and events designed to get folks engaged with science. Each state also holds a “launch event”, where guest speakers kick things off and just generally get everyone psyched for the coming (science) week.

Collected Resonances: Session 2

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