Ben performing live as a musical livecoder. His back is to the camera (and the audience) giving the photo a mysterious auteur energy (or so he hopes).

Hi, I’m Ben Swift—I’m a scholar, artist and maker, and one half of the core development team for the Extempore livecoding environment.

I’m an Educational Experience Designer (Senior Lecturer) in the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, where I lead the c/c/c (code/creativity/culture) studio (home of the ANU Laptop Ensemble). The c/c/c studio is a teaching & research group which exists to open up spaces for discussion about the way that code is shaping flows of information/culture/humanity in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world.

I care a lot about making computing a welcoming, interesting and creatively satisfying place, especially for people who don’t fit the traditional picture of a “computer scientist”.

If you’d like to get in touch—and please do!—the best options are twitter (DMs open) or emailing me at [email protected].

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