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This is my blog. Sometimes in these posts I’ll talk about research or art projects I’m involved with, although I also blog about my research on the c/c/c blog. Sometimes I’ll just ramble about other stuff which is keeping me up at night. If you’re interested on blog posts only on a certain topic, there’s a tags index.

If anything here sparks your interest (or your ire!) then get in touch (twitter, email) or discuss on HN.

Innovation ACT 2015 Launch

The AP Sessions

The AP sessions weren’t a normal gig. They were a series of livecoding gigs I performed in 2014 as part of my student Ari Purcell’s research project: Visualising a Live Coding Arts Process. Ari developed a bunch of visualisation techniques (in Extempore) to use in a livecoding performance. They weren’t just cool VJ visuals, they were designed to be overlaid on top of the code.

ACMC '14: Australasian Computer Music Conference

Ben and Andrew Sorensen performing

John Hosking Farewell Reception

"You Are Here" Festival - in case of sound: round one

Ben livecoding at YAH

"Art, Not Apart" Festival

Ben at Art,
Not Apart

ICOMOS 2013: International Council on Monuments and Sites

In 2013 I was invited to perform a dawn livecoding/projection mapping set inside the burnt-out telescope dome at Mt Stromlo Observatory, which was destroyed during the 2009 Canberra Bushfires.

Revenant Media: Theremin '75 Exhibition

Musical Metacreation (MuMe) Algorave at ISEA 2013: International Symposium on Electronic Art

Beginning-Middle-End Festival

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