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This is my blog. Sometimes in these posts I’ll talk about research or art projects I’m involved with, although I also blog about my research on the c/c/c blog. Sometimes I’ll just ramble about other stuff which is keeping me up at night. If you’re interested on blog posts only on a certain topic, there’s a tags index.

If anything here sparks your interest (or your ire!) then get in touch (twitter, email) or discuss on HN.

ACMC '14: Australasian Computer Music Conference

Ben and Andrew Sorensen performing

John Hosking Farewell Reception

"You Are Here" Festival - in case of sound: round one

Ben livecoding at YAH

"Art, Not Apart" Festival

Ben at Art,
Not Apart

ICOMOS 2013: International Council on Monuments and Sites

In 2013 I was invited to perform a dawn livecoding/projection mapping set inside the burnt-out telescope dome at Mt Stromlo Observatory, which was destroyed during the 2009 Canberra Bushfires.

Revenant Media: Theremin '75 Exhibition

Musical Metacreation (MuMe) Algorave at ISEA 2013: International Symposium on Electronic Art

Beginning-Middle-End Festival

ACMC '09: Australasian Computer Music Conference

Ben performing at ACMC 09

Transmissions in Sound

My first proper curated livecoding gig, way back in 2008. No photos or videos survive, but I can vaguely remember it. I was super-nervous.

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