ACMC '09: Australasian Computer Music Conference

Ben performing at ACMC 09

Here are a few photos of me from the 2009 Australasian Computer Music Conference in Queensland, Australia. Here’s me giving my research talk, entitled Distributed Performance in Livecoding (there was a paper as well swiftDistributedPerformanceLive2009).

Ben giving a research talk

The first photo is from my livecoding set later in the night (the main event—the research talk was just a talk about the infrastructure I was using in this set).

The cool thing about this gig was that I’d written a companion iPhone app, so that I could choose certain parameters & program structures in my code, and push them out to audience members (on the fly) so that they could take over controlling those parameters. Here’s a shot of folks hopefully enjoing the set:

crowd shot from ACMC distributed livecoding gig

Sadly, no video recordings survived from this gig. Just as well, actually, because I had a resource leak in my networking code which ended up making the whole system unresponsive after about 10mins of performing. I remember furiously trying to debug it on-the-fly (the music was still playing, but I couldn’t change anything) but I don’t think I managed to salvage it very gracefully. Ah, livecoding—a good learning experience for sure.

Many thanks to Andrew Brown for (1) taking these photos and (2) keeping the album online after all these years.1

  1. AB, if you’re reading this, I know that you put the photos online under an “all rights reserved” rather than CC-BY or something like that, but hopefully you don’t mind me keeping them here for posterity. 

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