Livecoding for leverage

Ben Swift

22 Nov '21

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who am I?


11:05 intro: livecoding (yay)
11:20 but why?
11:25 leverage in a cultural domain


but why?

leverage in a cultural domain

a lever is a (designed) interface

language = leverage (process design)

My topic is the shift from ‘architect’ to ‘gardener’, where ‘architect’ stands for ‘someone who carries a full picture of the work before it is made’, to ‘gardener’ standing for ‘someone who plants seeds and waits to see exactly what will come up’. I will argue that today’s composer are more frequently ‘gardeners’ than ‘architects’ and, further, that the ‘composer as architect’ metaphor was a transitory historical blip.

Brian Eno, Composers as Gardeners

First, programmers are trained to seek maximal and global solutions. Why solve a specific problem in one place when you can fix the general problem for everybody, and for all time?

Second, treating the world as a software project gives us a rationale for being selfish… We are used to the idea of bootstrapping ourselves into a position of maximum leverage before tackling a problem.

Maciej Cegłowski, The Moral Economy of Tech

control & communication in the (livecoding) animal and the machine (Wiener)

ANU School of Cybernetics

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