c/c/c studio curriculum design

Reimagine CoDesign Culture Lab

Ben Swift

28 Nov '19

we acknowledge and celebrate Australia's First Peoples on whose traditional lands we meet, and pay our respect to the elders past and present



c/c/c untangled(?)

The code/creativity/culture group (c/c/c) is a research group within the Research School of Computer Science. Our goal is to create spaces for talking, thinking and making about the way that code (software), creativity (especially the arts) and culture (life) intersect in the modern world.

(from the c/c/c website)

the c/c/c studio

an ANU Extension program to teach computer science to year 11 & 12 students through making art, music and other cool things with computers

curriculum being developed right now (using COMP1720 & COMP2710 Laptop Ensemble as a starting point, but everything’s up for grabs!)

first student intake (year 11 only) in 2021, first graduates in 2022

today's workshop

your design brief for today: in your group, create an assessment task which teaches a particular code concept/tool by exploring a problem/challenge facing our culture through a particular creative process/medium

it might be used in the c/c/c studio 😊


9:00 intro & group formation
9:30 group work session 1 (assessment item spec)
10:30 break (morning tea)
11:00 presentations
11:30 group work session 2 (assessment criteria)
12:00 presentations
12:15 wrap-up

group formation

look for the stickers on your table

red  = code

blue  = creativity

yellow  = culture

purple  = 💩

each group must have all of the stickers between them

your task today

your group needs to produce a document describing your assessment item, including:

  • description
  • background/motivation
  • learning outcomes
  • spec
  • resources
  • faq

there are lots of details on the workshop content page

objective: learning about ________ by exploring ________ through ________

workshop goals

think: how do we inspire & motivate everyone to make, and in doing so, to learn?

talk: what are the opportunities of the c/c/c framing? what are the problems?

make: produce an actual thing

let’s go!

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