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This is my blog. Sometimes in these posts I’ll talk about research or art projects I’m involved with, although I also blog about my research on the c/c/c blog. Sometimes I’ll just ramble about other stuff which is keeping me up at night. If you’re interested on blog posts only on a certain topic, there’s a tags index.

If anything here sparks your interest (or your ire!) then get in touch (twitter, email) or discuss on HN.

The creative potential of random

There’s so much to randomness than just “crazy, unpredictable dice rolls”. Understanding the different types of randomness allows us to shape this randomness for our own creative ends. A talk given as a guest lecture to COMP1720: Art & Interaction in New Media in 2017.


Live coding: bringing scientific computing to life

An invited presentation at Yunnan University, China, on the use of live programming techniques in scientific computing.


PIC Live: Real-time interactive programming in scientific simulation

My talk at the Supercomputing Frontiers conference in Singapore about Extempore in HPC.


Live coding for Human-in-the-Loop Simulation

A talk I was invited to give to the Defence Sciences Institute in Melbourne about haressing human-in-the-loop simulation codes with Extempore.


Coding Livecoding

My talk at CHI ‘14: SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Here’s the paper.


Visual Code Annotations for Cyberphysical Programming

My presentation to the 1st International Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE), part of ICSE ‘13. This short paper spells out a lot of the ideas that Andrew Sorensen and I were thinking about at the time (and since). It’s only a short paper, so it doesn’t cover the topic in detail, but I think it’s still a pretty neat articulation of some of the thinking behind the Extempore design decisions.


Becoming-Sound: Affect and Assemblage in Improvisational Digital Music Making

My talk at CHI ‘12: SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Here’s the paper.


Engagement Networks in Social Music-making

This was my long-paper talk at OzCHI 2010 about my PhD project (then a work-in-progress). There’s a paper in the references section as well.


Distributed Performance in Livecoding

My talk at the 2009 Australasian Computer Music Conference.


Livecoding in 20mins

What is livecoding? My short-form attempt to answer the question. Sadly, this is not the recipe for becoming a proficient livecoder in 20mins. That’s probably more of a Teach yourself livecoding in ten years thing—just ask Peter Norvig.


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