Innovation ACT 2015 Launch

Innovation ACT (IACT) is Canberra’s largest entrepreneurship program. In 2015 I was invited to come and launch the event with a livecoding set. Lots of fun to show the way that code & software are breaking into all areas of life—including DJing.

This was a long set—around 90 mins—and there’s no surviving video for the full set. The above “excerpt” video gives a flavour1 of the gig, though.

  1. observant viewers will notice that the synth line here is quite similar to the one I use in the aesthetic visuals set during the AP Sessions—I figure that since the AP sessions were a bit of a hybrid gig/research thing (and because I quite liked how it turned out) I’d give it another outing in a gig with a “proper” audience 

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