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Bulk-add students to MS Teams from a csv file

My institution now uses MS Teams for lots of things, including organising classes & communicating with students. It’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible, and the pros & cons of Teams as a pedagogical platform are best left for another post.


Simple pdf papers/reports with markdown, pandoc and bibtex

I’ve long raged against the machine of my institution’s default LaTeX template for dissertations and other reports, which is:


mbsync v1.3.2 breaking change: SubFolders config required

As part of my ongoing quest to Emacs-all-the-things, I’m a long-time satisfied user of the mu email client. I even wrote the latest CI infrastructure setup for the project as a way to give back to Dirk-Jan and the rest of the awesome mu team.


ACMC2020: tools for organising a virtual conference

I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog for the last few weeks[^weeks] because I’ve been organising ACMC2020: the 2020 Australasian Computer Music Conference. From the conference landing page:


Package managers: update or upgrade?

Quick quiz: for the following language/system package managers, what’s the name of the subcommand to update1 your project/system to the latest version of one (or more) of your project’s dependencies?

  1. or, y’know, upgrade 


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