Redacting craiyon prompts with imagemagick

I’ve been messing around with craiyon (formerly DALL-E mini), because who hasn’t been doing that recently.

As part of a workshop I’m running soon at the School of Cybernetics I need to provide “redacted” versions of the classic 3x3 craiyon output image—and I need to do it for quite a few outputs.

Because it’s tedious to do that by hand, here’s what I came up with:

  1. input a prompt and generate the craiyon output as normal

  2. use the 📷 Screenshot button to get a nice, clean screenshot

  3. run this imagemagick command (in my case the downloaded screenshot name was craiyon_2022-6-22_17-21-5.png, yours will be similar but with a different timestamp at the end)

    convert craiyon_2022-6-22_17-21-5.png -fill red -draw 'rectangle 30, 240, 1320, 320' -fill white -pointsize 50 -gravity north -annotate +0+250 'REDACTED' craiyon_2022-6-22_17-21-5-redacted.png
  4. (bonus round) if you want to loop over a bunch of files and do it in batch, I did that in Emacs with:

        (f-entries "." (lambda (s) (s-ends-with? "png" s)))
      (shell-command (format "convert %s -fill red -draw 'rectangle 30, 240, 1320, 320' -fill white -pointsize 50 -gravity north -annotate +0+250 'REDACTED' redacted-%s.jpg"
                             (f-base it))))

An example

Here’s an example screenshot:

Grid of AI image outputs generated in response to the prompt "redacting the prompt from a DALL-E image output with imagemagick"

and the same output, after the redaction command has been run:

Grid of AI image outputs generated in response to the prompt, which has been redacted

If you need to do the same, then hopefully I’ve saved you a bit of time ☺

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