ICLC Extempore workshop

If you’re here for the ICLC Extempore workshop Introduction to music-making in Extempore, then welcome!

Here are the details if you’re still trying to find us:

  • Date: Thu 6 Feb 2020
  • Time: 14:30–18:30 GMT
  • Location: Room CSG-013, Computer Science Building (building 8 on the campus map), University of Limerick

Workshop outline

1430 intro & getting to know each other
1500 Extempore hacking
1615 afternoon tea break
1630 moar Extempore hacking
1730 demos
1800 open feedback


  • about me
  • potted history of Extempore
  • what we will/might/won’t cover today (a JIT workshop!)
  • meet one another, goal setting, CoC
two roads diverged...

Extempore hacking

First, set Extempore up on your machine using the quickstart instructions.

Then, depending on which path you’d like to go down first, continue to either the sharedsystem (synthesis & sampling) guide or the pattern language guide.

Demo time & open feedback

At the end of the workshop, there will be a chance to share with the group both the things you’ve made today and any thoughts on how we can do things (Extempore-wise) better, friendlier, open-er and more accessible. Improving the onboarding experience for Extempore is one of my big goals this year, so all attendees get a chance to contribute to that broader mission.

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