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Scar trees & living typefaces

Yellow box tree on ANU campus. 📸 ANU Photography, 2016


Teaching the world to Cybernetics

If you’re the sort of person who lurks on people’s LinkedIn accounts, you may have noticed that I’ve recently become the lead of the Experiences Team at the School of Cybernetics. My team’s mission is:


Cybernetic futures explained (maybe)

One of my current projects at the ANU School of Cybernetics is to develop tools & procedures for futuring. This post is an attempt to get my head around how these things fit together (spoiler: they do!).


Livecoder-in-the-club as a system

Using cybernetic and systems thinking concepts to answer the question: what’s actually going on in a livecoding gig?


Moving to the School of Cybernetics

Some job news—I’ve just accepted a position in the new School of Cybernetics in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS). I’ll finish out my teaching this semester in the School of Computing then I’ll make the move in July. For those not familiar with the ANU org-chart or acronymicon, there are multiple Schools in each College (so I’m moving Schools but staying within the same College).


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