Ben and COMP2300 next year

Students1 are starting to turn their gaze towards 2020, and so I’ve been getting a bunch of emails asking me if I’m teaching COMP2300/6300 Computer Organisation & Program Execution again in Semester 1 2020.

The short answer : no. The slightly longer answer is that while I’ll always love COMP2300 (it’s the first course I got to design & write myself) my energies for the next couple of years are going to be poured into the c/c/c studio (as part of my Reimagine Fellowship). In 2020, Charles Martin will be convening & running COMP2300—and he’ll do a great job. I’ll probably pop in from time to time to give a guest lecture (and maybe even sing a revision song) but he’ll be the main convenor. So if you’ve got any questions about taking that course in 2020 (either as a student, or perhaps as part of the tutoring team) then you should reach out to Charles.

  1. well, the organised ones, anyway 

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