COMP1720 teaser

If you’re an ANU student and you want to learn how to make art with code, then sign up for COMP1720/6720 in semester 2, 2017. Taught by me and a bunch of internationally recognised artists (there’s a weekly computational artist guest lecture) it’s the best way to scratch the art+code itch at the ANU.

No previous programming or artistic experience is required: we’ll teach you both things from the ground up, then we’ll teach you to put them together.

Here are 5 reasons you should take COMP1720 this year (number 4 will shock you!):

  1. the course has been tweaked from last year’s version: this year we’ll make art in the browser (with javascript and the p5 library)

  2. the major project theme this year will be ANU Grand Challenges—here’s your chance to say something about the big problems facing the world

  3. if you’re doing a CS degree but find some of the programming stuff a bit difficult, here’s a secret: making art with code is how I learned to program. This course is the perfect chance to make sure those fundamentals are solid, and will teach you skills you can use in all of your CS courses (even the non-arty ones)

  4. this year we’ll be doing more sound/music stuff than ever before (because, as you’ll know if you’ve seen me perform or clicked around this site a bit, I love me some code + music)

  5. if you’re not a computer science student, but you’ve heard that computers are going to eat all of the jobs in the future and you want to get on board, then this is a perfect “intro to programming” course, and you’ll learn about how to communicate through interactive digital media

So head on down to student services and sign up.

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