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Configuring Spacemacs org-roam & org-noter for academic writing bliss

I’ve always had a decent memory, and so I’ve never really had a formal system for keeping track of who said what and in which paper. When it comes time to write something of my own I end up mostly just going from memory and re-google-scholaring things from scratch (often finding later that I already had that paper in my Zotero database already). As I get older my memory isn’t as sharp, so I think it’s time to use a more systematic workflow for writing—keeping notes about stuff I’ve read & linking the ideas together.


mbsync v1.3.2 breaking change: SubFolders config required

As part of my ongoing quest to Emacs-all-the-things, I’m a long-time satisfied user of the mu email client. I even wrote the latest CI infrastructure setup for the project as a way to give back to Dirk-Jan and the rest of the awesome mu team.


Mapping over table rows in org-mode

I’m an Emacs guy, and so if I’ve got some simple tabular data I’d much rather keep it in an org-mode table than have to fire up Excel.


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