analytics/tracking update

I haven’t had any sort of client-side analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) on for a long time (since around 2012 I think—several iterations of the site ago). I use an ad-blocker myself, and the whole tracking & analytics thing just strikes me as a bit gross.

However, it is helpful to know where folks are coming from, and so I recently came across as a lightweight, relatively un-invasive tracking platform. So I’ve added it to the site. If you’re browsing with an ad-blocker then you still have my blessing to enjoy the stuff I put up here ☺

Just wanted to give y’all the heads up. Let me know what you think in the comments1.

  1. Just kidding, who has the time to moderate comments on a personal webpage these days? If you want to get in touch, twitter me or email me or write something on your own blog and link me to it—there are lots of ways to have conversations, and I’m keen to have them. 

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