Upcoming gig: smoke, Jan 30

ad for Smoke gig - see FB event for details

Update: the video is now online—thanks to Charles for putting it together.

If you’re in Canberra this Thursday Jan 30 then you should come to a (free) gig that the c/c/c studio is putting on in the Peter Karmel Big Band room (at the ANU School of Music).

Get away from the fires & smoke1 and come see an evening of experimental sounds in processed voice, livecoding, and neural networks with musicians from the ANU code/creativity/culture studio and special guest Fiona Sullivan (USA). There’s a FB event page as well if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s the setlist:

time artist
6:00pm Charles Martin
6:10pm Fiona Sullivan (USA), Ben Swift, Kieran Browne
6:25pm Chloë Hobbs, Alec Hunter, Charles Martin
6:40pm Fiona Sullivan (USA)
7:00pm finish

If you’re wondering when I’m on, I’m the “B” in FBK, alongside Kieran and Fiona.

Kieran will be livecoding visuals in GLSL, Charles will be (very musically!) fighting with his AI, I’ll be dropping beats in Extempore and Fi will be amazing. See you there.

Note: if you’ve never been there before, the Peter Karmel building is the one next to the “main” ANU School of Music building. The Big Band room is off the foyer/atrium, right near the main entrance.

  1. I know that you can’t get away from them; and the loss of flora & fauna is heartbreaking, not to mention the human cost. 

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