c/c/c studio: what's already happening

I’m now a Reimagine Fellow and stuff to do with that program (and getting the c/c/c studio up and running) is starting to happen. As I’ve done so far I’m planning to continue to work on this project “in the open”, i.e. on this blog. This means that if you’ve got ideas or want to help out, you can see where I’m up to (and get in touch), and it also minimises the likelihood that I’ll be forced to email around anything called project-plan-final-ACTUALLY-FINAL-v3.docx 😉.

In preparation for a Reimagine Fellows workshop this week (Thursday September 12) I’m sketching out all the existing stuff that’s happening on- (and off-) campus relating to the c/c/c studio. This is all really rough, but it’s a place to collect the thoughts & names in my head.

People-–-internal and external to CECS

There are lots of folks, in a few different places:



  • Alec Hunter, ANU SoM, previously the convenor of the Open School of Music program

  • Geoff Hinchcliffe, ANU SoAD, CASS Associate Dean (Education)

  • Kit Devine, SoAD artist & lecturer

  • Tony Curran, artist, SoAD & RSCS lecturer

  • Erica Seccombe, ANU SoAD artist & researcher, board member of ANAT (the Australian Network for Art & Technology)

  • Dierdre Feeney, artist exploring compositions of the constructed + projected (moving) image

  • Madeleine Parker, SCI ART CBR Community Co-ordinator

  • Craig Edwards, Dickson College Principal

  • Morgan Marshall, President of Robogals Canberra

Systems and structures



  • ANU Open School of Music (outreach/extension stuff with pre-teritary kids)

  • School of Art & Design

Outside ANU

  • Australian Network for Art & Technology


I’m not quite sure what the difference is between a structure & a process in this contenxt.

Data and information


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