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This is my personal blog. Because I'm an academic, my work-life balance is a bit rubbish (although I'm always trying to do better---it *is* important to switch off). Sometimes in these posts I'll talk about research or art projects I'm involved with, although I also blog about my research on the [c/c/c blog]( Sometimes, however I'll just ramble about other stuff which is keeping me up at night. The stuff I write here represents my own views, not those of my employer. Anyway, on with the show! update (July 2017 edition)

Well, has been given another coat of paint. The content’s still a bit sparse, but hopefully this time it’ll be the place to go to keep up with my adventures in livecoding, research and just generally making thing with computers—and teaching others to do the same.

Blog refresh

Another year, and another blog refresh. It’s still a clojure-powered static site with my own fumbling, hand-rolled css, but this time I’m using Cryogen which has been pretty nice to work with so far.