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Blog refresh

Another year, and another blog refresh. It's still a clojure-powered static site with my own fumbling, hand-rolled css, but this time I'm using Cryogen which has been pretty nice to work with so far.

Sorry that a bunch of links to old posts are broken at the moment—I'm in the process of fixing that up. If you're really stuck trying to find something then send me an email.

The other big change is that the Extempore documentation posts have all been removed. A little while ago I did some work to set up the Extempore docs on a separate site, and that really is the best place to go for that stuff now. I considered keeping my old blog posts around for posterity, but a lot of it was out-of-date anyway, so I decided it was safest to get rid of it completely and redirect people to the new documentation site. As always, if you get stuck, let me know on the Extempore mailing list.