Ben performing at Soundscapes #21, Photo by Adam Thomas

I am a multidisciplinary researcher and Senior Lecturer in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. I’m interested in computational art, data visualisation, human-computer interaction, hardware hacking/making (particularly towards creative ends) and the intersection of code, creativity and culture as those boundaries dissolve in the modern world. I lead the code/creativity/culture group at the ANU Research School of Computer Science (you should check out the c/c/c group’s projects page as well).

I am a livecoder, and have performed at both local and international arts festivals—you can find recordings of some of my sets on vimeo.

I love building things, and one thing I’m particularly excited about is the potential of liveness (real-time human-in-the-loop interactivity) in programming tools and workflows. I have made significant open-source code contributions to the international research and livecoding communities, especially through my work on Extempore: the state-of-the-art in livecoding languages.

To get a sense for my current ongoing research projects, head to the c/c/c website—that’s the most up-to-date list of all the things that me and my group are working on.

Come study with me

If you’re interested in doing Honours/Masters/PhD research with me, send me an email. I always have a few project ideas kicking around, but I’m also open to hearing about the project/big idea that excites you. Send me

  1. a one-paragraph description of the project you’re interested in doing, and
  2. a link to something you’ve made: a livecoding video, a project on GitHub, an academic paper—even a blog post

I get a lot of emails about this sort of thing, so including these two things is a great way to show that you’ve thought a bit about what sort of research project you’re interested in (and why I’d be a good fit). You should think hard about how to make your email stand out from the crowd.