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I’m often invited to give talks & presentations. Because knowledge is better when it’s shared, I’ve made all my slides freely available here—just click on any of the titles below. However, often my slides don’t make sense in isolation (if had everything I said written on my slides and just read it out my talks would be really boring).

I am available as a guest speaker (and livecoding performer) for both scholarly and corportate-y events. If you’re interested then drop me a line and we can discuss making it happen.

Visual Code Annotations for Cyberphysical Programming

My presentation to the 1st International Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE), part of ICSE ‘13. This short paper spells out a lot of the ideas that Andrew Sorensen and I were thinking about at the time (and since). It’s only a short paper, so it doesn’t cover the topic in detail, but I think it’s still a pretty neat articulation of some of the thinking behind the Extempore design decisions.

Becoming-Sound: Affect and Assemblage in Improvisational Digital Music Making

My talk at CHI ‘12: SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Here’s the paper.

Engagement Networks in Social Music-making

This was my long-paper talk at OzCHI 2010 about my PhD project (then a work-in-progress). There’s a paper in the references section as well.

Distributed Performance in Livecoding

My talk at the 2009 Australasian Computer Music Conference.

Livecoding in 20mins

What is livecoding? My short-form attempt to answer the question. Sadly, this is not the recipe for becoming a proficient livecoder in 20mins. That’s probably more of a Teach yourself livecoding in ten years thing—just ask Peter Norvig.

Engagement in Mobile Music

Exploring the use of bespoke mobile phone interfaces for group musical jamming (part of my PhD research).

The Mind-Modulated Music Interface

I gave my first ever conference presentation at OzCHI 2007 on the work I did during my honours year. No funky HTML slides for this (I was way less web-savvy back then) but here are some pdf slides. There’s a paper in the references section as well.