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This is my blog. Sometimes in these posts I’ll talk about research or art projects I’m involved with, although I also blog about my research on the c/c/c blog. Sometimes I’ll just ramble about other stuff which is keeping me up at night. If you’re interested on blog posts only on a certain topic, there’s a tags index.

If anything here sparks your interest (or your ire!) then get in touch (twitter, email) or discuss on HN.

Engagement in Mobile Music

Exploring the use of bespoke mobile phone interfaces for group musical jamming (part of my PhD research).


The Mind-Modulated Music Interface

I gave my first ever conference presentation at OzCHI 2007 on the work I did during my honours year. No funky HTML slides for this (I was way less web-savvy back then) but here are some pdf slides. There’s a paper in the references section as well.


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