I am a multidisciplinary researcher in the Research School of Computer Science at the Australian National University. I’m interested in computational art, data visualisation, human-computer interaction, cybersecurity (particularly in embedded devices) and the the intersection of code, creativity and culture as those boundaries dissolve in the modern world. I lead the code/creativity/culture group at the ANU Research School of Computer Science (you should check out the c/c/c group’s projects page as well).

I love building things, and one thing I’m particularly excited about in these areas is the potential of liveness (real-time human-in-the-loop interactivity) in programming tools and workflows. I have made significant open-source code contributions to the international research and livecoding communities, especially through my work on Extempore: the state-of-the-art in livecoding languages.

I am also an internationally-recognised digital artist, and have performed at both local and international arts festivals—you can find examples of my livecoding on vimeo.

If you want to get in touch, email is best—you can reach me on [email protected].